Exhibition: Sound Archives

In conjunction with the Gilmore Music Library’s exhibition, Black Sound and the Archive, participants in the working group were asked to put together their own “sound archives.” We intend the term to be understood in the broadest possible way, not only focusing on sound recordings but on the way that other material artifacts, objects, traces, practices, and documents can function as an archive of black sound and its practices.


“Boundaries Bind Unbinding:” Langston Hughes’ Musical-Archival Practice

“I’ll Keep On Living After I Die”: The Life and Sound of Songwriter Roxie Moore”

African-American Female Instrumentalists: An Archive of Black Female Sound from the Late Nineteenth Century to Now

Black Sound, Improvisation, and Computer Music

Careless Love: Imagining Black Radio

Clyde Stubblefield’s Global Sound

Ethel Waters Contemplates Her Own Vocal Style

Retrospective Openings and Sonic Possibilities in the Golden Era of Stevie Wonder (1971-1980)

Visual Collages as Sound Archives: Musical Meaning Imagined Visually